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At BRLO we think: beer is there for everyone. As a Berlin brewery, we take diversity just as seriously as we do our craft and brew many different types of beer every year, from classics to characterful innovations, everything except boring. After 13 beers, it is much easier to pronounce, BRLO stands for brewing diversity, creativity and passionate beers - but also for a clear stance.

✔️ Brewery and catering startup from Kreuzberg
✔️ All beers are brewed independently in Berlin
✔️ Modern beer styles with the highest quality

Known from the press

What customers say about BRLO

"Brlo make the best German beers that ick drank so far ... My favorites are the light, the pale ale and the c4po ...
Unfortunately there are only 0,33l bottles of which there can be half a liter 👍🏻 "

Mario Häfner

"Very tasty, great selection, top quality!
We loved it!"

Nicole Neef

"All three types are delicious and the pale ale in particular is highly recommended.
Anyone who doesn't try will miss something!"

Carlo Lackner

About us

What can only be pronounced correctly after a few beers is the old Slavic origin of the name Berlin and means something like dry place in the swamp area.

BRLO came about as a crazy idea among college friends and has been brewing beer in Berlin since 2014. In the meantime we have received several awards and, in addition to seasonal specials, are now producing a total of 8 core beer styles - from Hellen, Pale Ale, German IPA, Porter and the non-alcoholic Naked to original Berliner Weisse and the latest addition - Happy Pils.

About the product

BRLO Mix Pack (Core Range Mix)

18 bottles of 330ml each

Our tasting box with 7 different types of beer. For everyone who wants to get to know the diversity of BRLO. From the classic light to the bitter West Coast IPA, everything is here.

3x Helles
3x IPA
2x Berliner Weisse
3x Pale Ale
3x Happy Pils
2x IPA
2x naked

regular price
€ 37,90 (€ 6,14 / liter) including packaging, taxes and a deposit of 0,08 cents per bottle plus shipping costs. Deposit can be returned in supermarkets in Germany.

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3x Happy Pils

Our Happy Pils lives up to its name: noble citrus hops give this New Age Pilsner a floral, fruity note and gentle bitterness, which inevitably puts a grin on your face from the first sip. Pleasantly low-dose for long nights or the relaxing afternoon afterwards.

3x IPA

Surf's Up! Our new West Coast IPA has everything you can expect from this beer style: fruity-dry taste, pleasant bitterness and fine notes of mandarin, grapefruit and pine. This modern classic takes you on a wave of drinkable lightness. Tastes best with a tail wind.

3x Pale Ale

This pale ale is everybody's darling and we have to admit: rightly so! Wonderfully fruity and hoppy, with its fine mango notes, it magically wraps everyone around your finger, or better: the neck of a bottle. Our pale ale offers a gently spicy introduction to the variety of beers from BRLO and remains your loyal companion from curb to skyline.

2x Berliner Weisse

Our Berlin style White is to be served ice-cold and straight up – without syrup, of course! This refreshing sour beer is the perfect companion on a hot summer’s day. Even Napoleon fancied this beer style and called it “Champagne du Nord”. For real Berliners!

3x Helles

Our interpretation of a German beer classic: brewed by hand with a lot of love, our light tastes pleasant, fine-hopping and not too bitter. As an after-work beer, in the park, or simply for the whole night! We only use German hops from Hallertau and Tettnang for this beer.

2x German IPA

Our brewmaster and staff’s favorite! This unfiltered India Pale Ale is brewed with three different hops from Germany, complimented with hints of toffee & caramel and coming in at a deliciously dangerous XNUMX%.

2x naked

Our proof that you can have fun without too much alcohol. A non-alcoholic pale ale for balmy summer nights. Citra, Mandarina Bavaria and Lemondrop bring forth earthy and herbal notes which perfectly balance the sweetness of our malt bill. And at only XNUMX IBUs, Naked is the perfect alternative to a heavy hitting IPA, but without the hangover.

What is special about BRLO

✔️ Made in Berlin
✔️ Multiple awards
✔️ 100% organic malt
✔️ One of the leading breweries for modern beer styles in Germany
✔️ Berlin startup with a clear stance for an open society

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DRST? Then get a 15% discount on the BRLO MIX PACK with code BRLOLO15. The discount is automatically activated in the checkout.